RT1250 TFT

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Old Git on a Bike

RT1250 TFT

Post by Old Git on a Bike » 08 May 2022 17:11

So I bought a new 2022 RT1250, all was good until I tried using the wizzy wheel to reduce the volume in my headset. It doesn't work, I can turn the sound off but not increase or decrease the volume.
I went back to my dealership and told them of this problem (in March) and after many phone calls to them (very few of which were returned) I finally have an answer.
The volume control does not work with my Sena unit (SML), I was told that the problem lay with my headset not being compatible, even though it is only 1 year old with the latest firmware.
Now I have looked at many videos produced by BMW and have never seen anything about this only working with BMW headsets.
Now my questions....
Has anybody else come across this, is there a work around short of trying to control it via the buttons on the headset?
How can everything else on the connections work if it is not compatible.
Do you think this is just another problem on a rushed out TFT to be sorted out by Beta testing.
Any help gratefully accepted

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