New (to me) Insurance Co

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New (to me) Insurance Co

Post by John King » 16 Jan 2024 22:38

Both of my bikes are currently uninsured for the road, untaxed and on SORN. One of them my R1100RS will need testing towards the end of the month so I will have to insure that one at least. I spoke to Footman James with whom I was insured last year and asked for a quote and I was given a figure of around £180 fully comp with all the usual add-ons for a classic bike insurance.

I then came across a company who advertise in 'Classic Bike Guide' called Peter James Insurance based in Liverpool and went through the same rig-ma-role of questions and they came up with the price of £127 fully comp also on a Classic Bike Insurance. They give a discount for membership of a recognised motorcycle clubs (BMW Incl but percentage unknown) Free agreed value. Salvage retention. EU and UK breakdown covered. Free Helmet and leathers cover. Multi vehicle options. Unlimited milage.

If the insurance is as good as FJ, but at £53 less it may be worth considering. Has anyone else had any experience of them either good or bad?

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Re: New (to me) Insurance Co

Post by AndrewP » 17 Jan 2024 07:49

Hi John, I have no personal experience of Peter James Insurance, but, these are the pointers I look at

Firstly, the Co I have heard of is based in Oldbury, Birmingham. If your Co is definitely Liverpool then ignore my comments (unless part of the Oldbury operation)

Are they well known?- yes, well I've heard of them!
Have they been trading for some time, or a start up? - I believe incorporated 1979 - 40 plus years
Reviews - Google reviews 4.3/5 - I'd say fairly good - as a comparator, Footman James get 4.0 & that well known Co, Carole Nash is only 2.9

The other thing I'd look at is, who is the insurer that they recommend - Have you heard of them, or not, & reputation. Remember its the Insurance Company, not the broker/middleman that pays the claim.


mike delacoe
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Re: New (to me) Insurance Co

Post by mike delacoe » 17 Jan 2024 08:30

Hi John,

I've with Peter James Insurance for some years now. I recall reading somewhere that he split away from Footman James.

Always had good discussions with them on the phone.

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Re: New (to me) Insurance Co

Post by John King » 17 Jan 2024 09:18

My mistake, I misread the telephone dialing code and yes it is a B/ham area code. Dooooh!

I think I will give them a trial for this year anyway over £50 less is worth having.

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Re: New (to me) Insurance Co

Post by Ashley » 28 Jan 2024 08:26

Lynbrook Insurance services who advertise in The Journal are also worth a try. Modern and classics and also multibike.

I moved to them 3 years ago from Footman James, due to a large cost saving. In the following years, despite the bikes being insured changing on a regular basis the renewal price has always remained about the same year on year.
Additionally they don’t charge an admin fee if you make mid term changes to the policy…..or at least this was the case with the last time I made a change (last year).
Oh and they offer a discount to club members too.
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