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Paid member section

Post by Bigbus13 » 07 Jan 2024 16:12

Hi, sorry to bring this glitch up again, but for some reason I cannot access the paid member section, I have tried all the procedures that I can find about it on the forum but to no avail. Could somebody please help.

Ted Cooper
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Re: Paid member section

Post by Ted Cooper » 07 Jan 2024 20:08

I've been having the same problems since I re-joined the club over a year ago!

Of all the forums that I'm on that require a membership fee; you pay up, then you have full access. This website is the only one that I can't get full access to. Makes me wonder why I bothered to renew my membership(2274) for another year; too late now, money wasted again!

John King
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Re: Paid member section

Post by John King » 09 Jan 2024 15:13

Gentlemen Can I suggest that you contact either myself or AndrewH about this. Griping on the open forum about the inability to access the paid up members section will not get the problem rectified.

We have had two instances recently where other members had similar problems to yourselves, but they are now up and running. It now looks as if where members are using an Iphone or Ipad or Macbook, to register is creating the problem. This is not the fault of the forum software. On both of the instances I mentioned the matters were sorted out by the Admin deleting their accounts and then re-registering on their behalf, followed by upgrading them to the paid members section rectified the problem.

Members who use Windows do not usually have a problem. If any more new members have this problem get in touch we can usually help, unless we are aware we cannot help.

2nd Feb 2024

It now appears that there may be some sort of security inbuilt into Apple AND Microsoft devices, which will allow the initial registration, but when they try to upgrade via the link this security thinks this an error and prevents it working.


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