BMW C650GT - 2 Years on - 12,000miles

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Steve L
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BMW C650GT - 2 Years on - 12,000miles

Post by Steve L » 15 Aug 2019 19:38

BMW C650GT - 2 Years - 12000miles (20,000Kms)

My bikes 2 year 12,000mile service has just been completed by a local independent BMW technician and I thought the results and costs would be of interest to others.

There have been reports that some BMW dealers have implied that the CVT rollers, clutch, final drive chain and sprockets need to be changed at 12,000 miles to maintain the warranty. These items were not worn and the final drive chain did not even require adjustment.

The CVT drive belt was well worn and a major expense. A Mitsuboshi belt bought via BMW costs £250 (including VAT at 20%) but can be obtained from other good parts suppliers for a round £125. Non Mitsuboshi belts can be obtained direct from China for £40, but require a leap of faith I could not make.
Drive Belt Part Numbers: BMW 24827729767, MITSUBOSHI 2777001.
Belt height: 16.9mm, Belt angle 28°, Belt length 894mm, Belt width 32.4mm.

The service required 3 hours labour + Mitsuboshi CVT belt, oil, spark plugs, brake fluid, filters and coolant. Total cost £355 + VAT. Using BMW supplied parts and a BMW dealer, the service would cost around £580 + VAT.

Shortly after the service was due the rear wheel bearing collapsed, resulting in another large bill as the remaining ball bearing outer ring was time consuming to remove without damaging the hub. The following parts were required:
40 x 62 x 23mm Sealed Needle Roller Bearing (NA4908ARS 2RS)
40 x 68 x 15mm Sealed Ball Bearing (FAG 6008 2RSR)
50 x 62 x 7mm Driveshaft Oil Seal Double Lipped
40 x 1.5mm Sprocket O Ring
34 x 48 x 8mm Chaincase Cover Oil Seal Double Lipped
The parts cost £50 + VAT or around £90 from a BMW dealer.
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BMW C650GT on the Camino de Santiago
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John King
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Clutch change at 12000 miles???

Post by John King » 15 Aug 2019 21:32

This prompts the question - why???

My K75 bike (One of them) had the clutch checked at 59K miles and there was imperceptible wear. The other one has covered around 63K and the clutch is not showing signs of wear or failing.

My last car, a simple Fiesta 1.2 Ztec had covered 97K and the clutch was still working perfectly.

What are these clutches and other components made from? - poor quality cream cheese, or are BMW using bike riders as cash cows? Or are the components just badly made or sourced substandard components.

The eye watering price of the other components is just plain disgusting.

For the price of new BMW's I would expect better service than the warranty suggests.
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Post by monkeywrench » 03 Feb 2023 10:07

Problem is, Most if not all manufacturers have been caught fiddling the emissions on their new cars/bikes. They got sued, Millions!

So, the VAG group and others decided to put a system in place to recover their losses. Simple, triple the spares costs, people have to have them.
Take injectors for example, used to be around £100 each now some are almost £400. No other reason except greed and clawing back what the courts took away.
As for spares, most of them are of Chinese origin anyway, BMW outsource many parts to the east. Even branded tyres are made there now
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Re: Clutch change at 12000 miles???

Post by Greybeard » 03 Feb 2023 16:32

John King wrote:
For the price of new BMW's I would expect better service than the warranty suggests.
We've been making bikes and cars for well over 100 years now so have had plenty of opportunity to get the job right. Wouldn't you think that for the prices charged a minimum 10 year warranty on a bike would be appropriate? Perhaps significantly more for a car of course.
The way BMW are performing with their cars, you'll soon be paying a yearly subscription for your heated grips along with all the other electronic fripperies they churn out.


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