Helpful Hints

All you need to know about the forum can be found in the various sections of this Welcome forum. This first bit gives you an overview then you can find more details in the other topics below.
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Helpful Hints

Post by FixItDik » 08 Sep 2022 15:06

Finding what you need
The "forum" web site is actually a large collection of forums, so on the home page ("The BMW Club Forum Index") you will find a list of forums grouped together under quite general headings. The under those headings you will find a list of forums and under each forum will be the various topics (and of course under each topic will be a list of the messages posted mainly in chronological order).

So to find something you need you can either try to use common sense and drill down through the structure or a shortcut might be to use the Search function.

Personalising your posts
When you create a post (or post a reply) you will note that a small panel to the left of the post gives all readers a little bit of information about you. You largely control what appears here by making changes in your Profile where you can add a picture that represents you (known as an avatar) and decide which of the optional bits of information are shown to the public. This are also allows you to define the "footer" or "signature" that appears underneath every post you make (note that if you update this it does update on any historic posts you made too).

Other helpful hints and tips
You will find many more hints and tips in the FAQ, especially useful if you are facing a problem using the forum that you just can't figure out.


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