The Forum Conditions of membership - New members please read

New Conditions of Membership ratified 18th February 2012

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The Forum Conditions of membership - New members please read

Post by John King » 19 Feb 2012 13:56

The BMW Club Forum

These conditions of Forum membership were presented to the National Committee on Saturday 11th February 2012 and ratified on Thursday 16th February 2012. They clarify and amalgamate all previous forum rules and conditions prior to that date. Further updated and amended on Thursday 19 July 2012 and agreed by the national Officers.

Condition 12a and 12B were proposed to the National Committee on Saturday 20th October 2012 and ratified on the same date. They will be brought into use on the 22nd October 2012

Conditions 2a and 2b were ratified at the National Committee meeting held on the 26 Oct 2013

The BMW Club - Our Ethos

The BMW Club Forum is an integral part of the BMW Club UK (Also a Limited Company) and as such has a duty to use this name responsibly so that it does not cause the club any embarrassment or damage. Like it or not, we also have a responsibility towards the BMW Company as a whole and this must be reflected on the forum which is our public window to non members, showing our values and how we conduct ourselves.

Conditions of membership

1. When prospective forum members, who are either paid up Club members or Associated members completed the application to join the forum, they ticked a box agreeing to abide by the rules (Conditions of Membership) otherwise they would not have been able to proceed with the application. This still applies.

1a. A basic requirement of this is:- You agree that the Administrator or the Moderators of the forum have the right to remove, move, edit, or close any topic, at any time.

2. To be respectful to other forum users and treat everyone as you would wish to be treated yourself in a face to face conversation.

2a. Private Messages are just that. A private communication between two individual members. No private message is to be copied over onto the forum without the express agreement between the recipient and the originator of that message.

2b Criticism of the club, its Officers or others concerned with the running of the club by a any forum contributer is not permitted. The account may be blocked and the person suspended.

3. No written swear words, abusive words or other obscenities, even if disguised by asterisks or similar symbols. Racist, homophobic or other derogatory terms are not allowed.

a. For any post as described above placed on the forum, the author will receive a warning and that post will be moved into the Moderators Area.

b. The author of any post will remain responsible for the content whilst it is on the forum, either in public view or elsewhere.

c. The Moderators will not be held responsible for any offensive post that is inadvertently missed.

4. Any disagreement between members must not be aired in any of the forums. The respective parties should either leave the matter unsettled and 'walk away', or continue the discussion via the PM System or E Mail.

5. Any threats or insults made anywhere on the forum (Including via Private Messages) will not be tolerated. That person making the threat will be permanently banned. No Warning will be given. These posts will be moved into the Moderators area away from public view, even if no complaint is made.

6. If a club member or an affiliated member objects to, or makes a complaint about a post, that post will be looked at and one of the following actions will be taken:-

a. Nothing - no further action will be taken.

b. It will be locked or moved into the Moderators area pending a decision. After a decision the author may be given a warning. a Private Message will be sent to the author and a note made in the section explaining what has been done.

c. The name of the person making the complaint will not be given out on the open forum (With particular consideration given in relation th Condition Number 5.)

7. Absolutely no 'Flaming', 'Trolling' or 'Spamming' is allowed. Any posts that display any of these traits will be removed to the Moderators Area. No Private message will be sent, and the account may be deleted.

8. Duplicate forum accounts are not normally allowed. However this may be waived by the Administrator if the original account cannot be accessed for whatever reason. The Administrator must be advised before a new account is created.

a. New accounts registered by a person who is ether suspended or banned, if found will be deleted without warning. An E Mail will be sent and the suspension/ban will be automatically extended.

b. An affiliated member who is banned will not be allowed to circumnavigate the ban by rejoining the club as a paid up member.

9. Do not post or create links to a website outside the BMW Club in your signature lines. They will be removed and a warning given.

10. Questions regarding the forum, the journal or any other BMW Club matter may only be asked in the relevant sections in the Members Only areas. If posted elsewhere they will be deleted.

11. Any LEGITIMATE complaint made about the forum or the way it is run will be made to the Club General Secretary who will adjudicate. Minor problems should be referred to the Administrator in the 1st instance.

12. Forum Registration Changes (effective from 22/10/2012 . These changes were ratified by the NCM on the 20/10/2012)

a). All new non club members who register onto the forum must provide their full name and not just a first name, or surname, or nick-name or initials. Those who do not give this information may find their accounts deactivated or deleted and access suspended until the information is provided.

b). All new paid up club members who register onto the forum must provide the same information as in 12a above. This must be identical to that used to join the club. In addition, they must give the section to which they are affiliated.

Conditions 12a and 12b are suspended with effect from 4th Nov 2015 as this is now a mandatory field in the registration form.

General Information

Warnings and Suspension - Club Members

If a Club member does not adhere to the guidelines, a warning may be given, but no further action will be taken (Unless it is a request for a post to be amended or deleted.)

For a 2nd warning within a 6 month period following the 1st warning , a 1 month suspension will be given. No referral need be made to the national Committee.

For a 3rd warning within the same 6 month period an indefinite suspension will be given and the matter referred to the next NCM for that person to be banned from rejoining the forum.
Full records are to be kept by the Administrator.

Warnings and suspensions - Affiliated Members

They will be subject to a 'membership probationary period' for 6 months following their date of joining, during which time their membership can be terminated without warning for any non-compliance with the Conditions of membership.

After the 6 month period, failure to comply will result in a warning via private message. Subsequent breaches of the conditions may result in the account being cancelled. No referral to the National Committee is required.

These conditions of membership will be applicable to the forum users whilst we are using the current software. New software is anticipated in the near future and when it comes 'on line' it is not expected that they will alter. There will be some changes to the registration process where some information will become mandatory before anyone is allowed to complete the registration.

Explanation of terms

Club Member.

A member who has paid his club subscription for the current year(Includes associate members).

Affiliate member.

A Forum member who is not a paid up club member.


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